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About Michal

Michal is a math tutor with the ability to make students understand math at any and all levels. She firmly holds to the philosphy that everyone can do math. Her approach involves getting to know each student as an individual and figuring out what methods work for an his or her needs.

Michal spent several years working in the New York City public school district, teaching 7-12 math. She found that her most rewarding experiences with students were the one-on-one interactions in which students could get individualized attention. Michal has been tutoring in the Westchester and Fairfield areas for three years, with grade improvements and conceptual break-throughs a consistent result.

Michal is confident that any student would make significant progress studying with her, and her degree in psychology also makes her sensitive to individual issues that might arise, such as test anxiety. Michal is gentle and kind, but also has high expectations that her students achieve success in math.

Above all, Michal finds math to be fun and exciting, and likes to try to instill that enthusiasm in her students!